Sunday, August 21, 2016

Posters from my Images - DaveH Posterart

Seeing the feedback I get from my images that I have posted on social media makes me think there could be a demand for these images as posters. To make discovering the image that suits what you are looking for I have pulled them together on a WIX website.

Website - © 2016 dave harcourt. all rights reserved.
I will convert this site into an online shop should there be a demand. In the meantime I can supply the poster you want through email.

At this stage I am offering a "Poster of the Month" and web pages covering 4 styles of posters - Posterised, Impressionism, Abstract and Wildlife.

I will be giving more information in the next few posts.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Transforming Photos By Cropping

Here's another photo of zebras which, besides the contrast between black and white of the birds and zebras, is rather uninspiring and frankly messy!

drinking zebra and sacred ibises - © 2016 dave harcourt. all rights reserved.

Cropping it to remove distractions and reduce the messiness is a first step to improving the image

drinking zebra - © 2016 dave harcourt. all rights reserved.

In this case its a real transformation to a much more striking and interesting image. the panorama like proportions of the photo Cleaning up the few rocks and stones, using a healing tool gets us here, which is a starting point for other work

drinking zebra - © 2016 dave harcourt. all rights reserved.

Of course it looses the sacred ibises but possibly they can make another image.

drinking sacred ibises - © 2016 dave harcourt. all rights reserved.

So to me cropping is always the first step. Of course there is a real problem of resolution because you are effectively using a lower resolution camera when you crop.

However, do not despair - if you are planning to use the image online its sure to be more than detailed enough and upsizing is much simpler and effective than the manufacturers of sharp, fast lenses would ike us to expect.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

So It Is Possible To Stand Out!

This was the top image of the 12 000 or so entered in this competition on Guru Shots.

from GuruShots website - 25 June 2016

When I started out on this push to make income from photography I noted  the need to be different - I think this confirms that. This is by no means a technically good photo, but it's uniqueness makes it work. How much more interesting than the original.

If you are interested in developing wall art with this image or would just like a poster please email me for information at

DaveH Photography

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stock Photography - Can Transformed Photographs Work

The first thing that struck me about Stock Photography sites was that they encourage photographs of very high technical quality and often see transformed photographs as somehow inferior. I was therefore worried whether I would be able to sell transformed photographs through stock sites. Now that I have a significant number of sales I am able to look at what I have sold.

55% 0f the images I have sold were transformed photographs like the batch below

while 45% were original unmodified photographs like these

I suspect this is much to the dismay of some of the photographers who inhabit some of the forums, arogantly pushing almost unachievable quality standards, bemoaning the ability to "cover up" poor quality while still achieving desirable artworks.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coming up on 100 photos on Shutterstock

To mark this "milestone" I'm giving a link to my Shutterstock page and will be looking through what I have done so far in the next few posts.

click the image to go to the page

Of course 100 images is laughingly small but at least I have my workflow set and seem to be able to get through the review more systamatically  - so I am now looking to scale up.

Monday, May 16, 2016


If you want a reminder of your Burgundy holiday, this wall art based on photographs will keep those memories alive.
Other formats and scenes are available and prints may be ordered by emailing

Monday, February 1, 2016

Perfectly Matched Wall Art

A new abstract image process allows us to produce image files that match the colour of a room perfectly and even match it's colour under specific lighting condition.

The Wall Art in the photo below was produced from a photo of the room without any decoration on the wall.


You can see more details online, but right now you can get a free Wall Art jpeg produced from your photograph at no cost. This will allow you to look at it in your house and decide if you would like to take it further which would involve developing the Wall Art that meets just what you need.

Simply email us and we will return your free file within hours!