I'm looking at a few photographic genres in my quest to find where I should be focussing.
The first two are transformed photos where effects other than filters are applied to photos to produce a different look and feel and abstract images which show nothing other than the colours of a scene combined with abstract forms such as clouds and brushstrokes.
Some photographers are really opposed to transforming images to those like the restaurants and abbey below. This seems to be because they feel that the creator is just trying to hide his poor photographic skills. However, I feel there is an argument around the feel and emotion that transformation can add to some images - rather sterile well exposed and focused images can become interesting. The abstract images, which could be good for backgrounds and wall art take only the colours from the original images so are definitely not trying to cover up a lack of photographic skills.
I have found, at least some of the stock companies, reluctant to accept these images and even then finding it hard to not to apply their normal standards where they are just not relevant.
Another two areas are wildlife and street photography. Both are not really encouraging as area to focus in, with the former being a very well populated area where many really well equipped, full time photographers are active and street photography being less easy to monetise especially with the need for model release.
I must say Street Photography is a very interesting genre which amazes me every time I go back there with so many contradictions and different views.I am sure this will lead me to post something on how it looks to a newcomer!

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I am looking to find a way of doing something significant, so that people want my photo, in a world where it is believed that something like 400 billion photographs are taken every year.
As a start you can visit my photography thinking at
Here I am going to start by putting up a selection of my photos, which you are welcome to download for online use. Should you want an image for other uses please email me and we can talk. All I would ask for is your feedback on my images - I really need to know what people are looking for and where I should focus.
An old and a young Hadeda Ibis deworming a lawn in suburban Preotia
An old and a young Hadeda Ibis deworming a lawn in suburban Preotia. Taken from my breakfast table with a Fujifiln X-A1 with a 50 to 230 telephoto zoom at f6.7, 1/340s st an ISO of 1600

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