Sunday, April 12, 2015

Looking to do Something Different I - Portraits & Issues

This is going to be a series of posts where I link to new ideas I have come across while using the internet to inspire me in my quest to develop a unique offering for my photography.
The objective being to encourage the thinking process and hopefuly to generate new ideas, that lead to the opportunity to differentiate what you are doing so you don't get lost in the flood of digital images.

The first in the series is an approach to brining more of an understanding to a portrait through the integration of the portrait of a council member with an image of an issue the councellor identifies as defining their activity in the council.

click the image to open this Petapixel post.
Apparently these images were produced in camera and not with editing. This must be some undertaking and I wonder whether its really worthwhile. To me it doesn't seem to work that well with landscape images having to be vertically orientated.

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