Friday, July 7, 2017


In my focus on transforming my photographs into poster art I frequently ask the question "will this appeal" to poster buyers. (A)

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Photographs like this are pretty good from a photograph point of view as the colour is nice, the bookha and depth of focus on the tulips is nice, there is a nice diagonal and there's a kind of a story in the height difference of the flowers - but isn't it like thousands of others online?

So we set out to transform the photograph to make it more interesting, but the problem is there are so many potential ways of "improving" the photo - like brightening it up (B)

dulling it down (C)

 adding fantasy colors (D)

or turning up the heat (E)

But which one is going to be the most popular? Something I across the other day, may be a useful tool in this kind of choice.  EveryPixel is testing a "neural network" that judges the chance of an image "being awesome". I understand their raison d'ĂȘtre is to help users to weed out the useless images in stock photo sites.

This is how EveryPixel sees the first image in this post. Thats just to wet the appetite - I will be digging deeper next time but would appreciate your inputs, on anything about rating attractiveness, at anytime.

How would you rate the attractiveness of these 5 posters - email me using the reference letters.

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