Thursday, July 27, 2017

What were The Awesomeness Scores?

In my previous post on transforming photographs, I published four variations on this pretty photo of red tulips, musing that transformation should make them more attractive as Wall Art than this rather anonymous image.

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Photographs like this are pretty good from a photographic point of view as the colour is nice, the bookha and depth of focus on the tulips is nice, there is a nice diagonal and there's a kind of a story in the height difference of the flowers - but isn't it like thousands of others online?

The images were processed using the Every Pixel Aesthetics Beta, an AI based program claimed to measure "the beauty of your picture" or it's "awesomeness", with the following results:

the original (A)

brightening it up (B)

dulling it down (C)

adding fantasy colors (D)

or turning up the heat (E)

That's rather interesting and seems to indicate a strong leaning towards brightness of the image. These few shots don't seem to discriminate between photograph like images and more graphic images which was something I'm interested in understanding.

One interesting check that happened by mistake was that I re ran the original image through the software almost 3 weeks later and found the score to be identical, to the decimal point! I will need to do more to confirm whether this is always the case, as it seems to me that you would expect small variations in a human like judgement process over such a period.

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